10 ways to build knowledge for dyslexics

Dyslexic people struggle in education because of their reading and writing, but if you can have good understand topic you study and understand & know what is happening in the world today and the past, you can then be able to understand your course better and make opinions.

To develop your dyslexia as a way of thinking and not a disability, you must build on your knowledge, the more you can understand the more you can build a picture in your mind.

Its is important to build your knowledge not just for educational reasons but for you to understand the world around you.

Think about the other people in your schools, the students in the high classes and the student who do well, all have good knowledge.

Here are 10 tips to help you build your knowledge:-

  1. Read the news paper every day

  2. Watch the news each evening

  3. Create a blog and write about something you have a interest in but still need to research

  4. Buy a magazine of a topic if your interest

  5. Buy books which are fact base rather than stories

  6. Look at the topics you will be studying in your classes and wilkipedia the topic but build

    your knowledge before you start studying them

  7. Pick a topic and use a search engine like google.com and look at the first 10 websites

  8. Take up sport or activity so you can meet new people in all different circles or life.

  9. Take up activities at school, spend time with the student who do well in school.

  10. When researching a project, use the internet and read different people opinion on the topic

    or subject, this will allow you to understand each different angle. The people fore and against.

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