15 tips for teachers for help dyslexic students

Being a teacher is never easy specially as you have upto 30 students to teach in the classroom. And dyslexic student are not easy to teach because the dyslexic student works differently than most of the student in your classroom.

Here are 15 tips to help your teach the dyslexia student, 15 tips to make yours and there life easier:-

  1. Get the student to research topic in your classroom
  2. The dyslexia student should research on their own for the topic, let them discover, let them be independent
  3. If you use the blackboard, give the dyslexia student notes before you start
  4. Try and challenge the dyslexia student in their work
  5. Its important to build the dyslexic student knowledge,
  6. Have classwork that builds opinion and knowledge, having students discuss in small projects
  7. Dont always use white and black boards when teachers, dyslexia will have difficulty concentrating after 15 minutes
  8. If the dyslexia student is stressed with his or her work, give them some time to relax, 5 minutes to relax their thinking.
  9. If the dyslexic student is having problems understanding a topic or subjects area, ask them what they know and then explain by using spider diagrams and bullet points. So they can develop a picture of the topic in their head. Don’t rush through the problem, let them ask question, questions will ask more of a picture in their head.
  10. Report writing is easier a dyslexia student, rather than essay writing. Reports writing let the dyslexic students to plan and structure there work.
  11. Develop the dyslexic student keyskills in report writing and planning their work and also note taking
  12. show the dyslexia student how to write a structure report
  13. dont always use black print on paper, dyslexia have problems with black on white paper. Try and use blue or red ink.
  14. Try and use different colour of text on white and blackboards
  15. When producing notes for your class, try and add pictures, pictures say a thousan words. And dyslexic students are picture thinking, so they remember pictures more easily.

Each dyslexia student is different, these tips and just a quick guide to aid their learning. The best tip  I can give is speak to the dyslexic student and ask how and what their problems are.

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