15 tips for the dyslexic students to help them

Being dyslexic is a struggling time because studying is not easy for you because you are in a written environment 7 hours a day.
Here is some simple tips to help you develop your dyslexia as a way of thinking and help you improve in the classroom:-

1. Plan your work before you start it, using spider diagrams and bullet points
2. read a newspaper each day and watch the news, this will allow you to build your knowledge of the world around you.
3. Use a computer as much as you can for working at home and in classroom. A small laptop can cost as little as 250 pound these days.
4. To build you reading skills, read books you are interested in, magazines. You should try and read books with pictures and large font
text on the page. This will make is easier to read, also try to buy ebooks, you can read them on your computer, ipod or kindle.
5. Dont use black pens, use blue or red ink, this will allow you to read better
6. When revising use bullet points and spider diagrams, easier to write, easier to remember.
7. If you have to read a book for school, see if there is a DVD, you can rent most English literature DVD from the library, your school
should have a copy.
8. After school, relax. You need to destress.
9. Think of dyslexia as a way of thinking and not a disability. Think of your dyslexia as a positive and not a negative.
10. Use what you find easiest when you do your studies.
11. When doing homework, try doing your work little but often. Dont work my than 40 minutes at 1 time.
12. When you get back from school, have an hour to relax and then do your homework, do you homework before your evening meal. D
onto do your homework before you go to bed, because you need to relax before you sleep so you can sleep well
13. Get plenty of sleep, 8 hours a night if possible.
14. Have breakfast in the morning. You need energy, try and drink fruit juice rather than coke or coffee.
15. If you dont understand something, dont be afraid to ask your friends and the teacher. If you still dont understand ask a second test,
sometime different approach can help.

I hope these 15 tips can help you. The biggest tips I can give, is learn about yourself. By learning about yourself and your dyslexia, you
can succeed in the classroom.

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