5 steps to help a dyslexia child

Being dyslexic is never ease with the problems of reading and writing, but to help change your dyslexia from a disability to a way of thinking, here are 5 topic areas you will need to build on:-


  1. Key skills

Key skills is a simple but vital part of being successful in school but very important for dyslexic students. Its important to be able to put information on paper and if you can understand how to do that, the dyslexic way you will do well.


What you need to understand:-

  • Bullet points
  • Planning a reports
  • Planning a essay
  • Researching a topic

Knowing how to do the above will make your studying easier, because once you have planned out what you will write, all you need to do is fill in the space.


  1. Built knowledge

Building your knowledge is key to stopping your dyslexia being a disability and for it to be a different way of thinking.


Having a good knowledge is important because you can then understand what people are talking about, and also researching the subjects in the classroom before your are taught them, ok im not saying have a degree in the subject, just background knowledge.


  1. Learn to relax when stressed

School is stressful time but more stressful if you struggle with your reading and writing, so it important for you to learn how to:-

  • Destress
  • Relax
  • Where to take out your anger

The more relaxed you are in a situation, the more you will be able to think clearly, and thinking clearly is a key to using dyslexia not as a disability but as a way of thinking.


If you are struggling, sit back for a minute or 2 and then start again or relook at the problem.


  1. understand your dyslexia

We all here that dyslexia is a disability and we dyslexia are labled by it but the key to understand yourself and why your problems happen is to understand what dyslexia is and why it happened.


What should you understand

  • What is dyslexia (why you have it)
  • What are your problems with dyslexia
  • What are you good at
  • What subjects are you good at and why
  • How do you work


  1. Understanding how you work

The key to understanding your dyslexia and why you have problems comes down mainly to not being able to read and write (the disability) but one of dyslexic biggest problems is not understanding how you work.


Things you need to understand:-

  • When is it the best time for you to work
  • Can you work better in the morning, afternoon or evening
  • Do you work better by yourself or with a group of people
  • Do you work better using a computer or on paper
  • Do you work best in a silent place or with a bit of noise in the background
  • Do you work best doing things little bit often or in one go

I hope this article can be of some help, I have tried to outline 5 steps to help dyslexic achieve better in school. Building and understanding these skills and topic can help dyslexics people turn their dyslexia from a disability into a way of thinking.

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