Increase reading with colour ink pens

Have you ever read some text in different colour ink and thought that was easier to read. This is because our eyes find different colours easier to read.

In our eye we have Cron Cell and these cells send messages to our brain, when we see a specific colour that our Cron Cell like, we will find it easier to read. Our Crone register colour, in each colour they are made of Red, Green and blue, to the bottom of the colour spectrum is white and black. When we read with white paper and black ink these might stress of eye (Crone Cells) and the cell will work slower to send messages to our brain, this is one reason why people with Dyslexia read slower.

There are a few different name for this problem wiith Crone cells, Scroptic Sensitivity or Asfedia Syndrome.

Tips for using colour to increase dyslexia read speed:

  • Use red, green or blue ink pens
  • Use overlays
  • Test the colour of pens, see which one is the easiest to read with
  • Using colour paper

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