A life of Self-Acceptance of my Dyslexia After my Exam Results

I was lucky that a local school called Neale-Wade was able to take me for a course that was not on exams but on coursework. This type of course was G.N.V.Q Leisure and Tourism. The head of the sixth form gave me a chance because he could see that I had intelligence and that I had the problem writing that came from Dyslexia. So he enable me to show my potential that year at the college before going onto another course at the college.

I still had the problem of more Dyslexia and not putting things in depth on the leisure + Tourism course. 

During the first year I was also able to take up over projects at the sixth form centre in Golf and the Young Enterprise. Both the sport and Young Enterprise, I had won 2 national competition that year for both the sport and the Young Enterprise.

Because of the grade of the Leisure and Tourism and the success in the other projects at the college I was allowed to begin the Advanced G.N.V.Q Business Studies.

Both the sport and largely the Young Enterprise allowed me to learn by experience. And that then what I learned from the experience I could put into understanding on my next course.

The new course would show me how to run and gain knowledge of the business world. Before I began the course I knew that I would find the course difficult not for the understanding, but the depth that was needed on paper. And this was to be the largest problem on the course.

During the year I would had to do 6 large assignment on 6 different topic of business. From finance to human resources. And each of these assignments was not completed. The problem was that the teacher either could not: –

  • Understand the sentence because of missing words or letters,
  • That there was not enough depth that was needed

I knew from the start of the course that this would happen and it did. So the with the help of the college and a grant from the Old Boys Association at the college I was able to get a Laptop Computer for the course to at college and at home.

Because of this my work started to be haves a higher level of understanding for the reading (teachers).

Now because of the laptop computer I am able to make notes in class with ease and understand the work when going to it on of the computer screen when I would have difficulty reading on paper.

Because of the laptop Computer, College has become much easier for me, to do my work and now I am able to have a try at getting my true grade at the final assessment of my work. So then I should be able to get to University. I will say with out the laptop I would fail the course and not Get University and not be able to show my true potential.

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