Being in my world

Writing this book about dyslexia and me has been an interesting period of my life with understanding what dyslexia is, why it happens, how to work with it and not work against it. Its been one great learning experience.

When writing this book I asked people should the book be written with someone correcting everything that I write or should it be in my own words, and the end result is that the book has no changes or edits from other people but edits that help it steer in the right direction.

I have written this book in dyslexic so the reader can get a true understanding of dyslexia and be in my world for a change, where they get to read in dyslexic words and sentences.

For the reader this will show the difficulty of understanding and difficulty of reading, in the opposite reading way that dyslexia have to read unnatural reading in non dyslexia words and sentences.

I have also want to show that with dyslexia you get judged on your reading and writing and not your intelligence, in this book I want to show the importance of the messages that im bringing to the reader no on my spelling mistakes and my grammar.

Please enjoy book and learn from each message I bring to you either you are a student with dyslexia, parent or teacher.

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