Careers for dyslexics

As a students, teacher or parent we always think of the now, life gets easier when we leave school and live in the real world of work. A teacher said to me once that you should be learning the skills to go out to work so you can achieve later in life. I finished senior school with 2 higher grades passes but with effort iv gone to university and now run my own business.

The difference between life and school is you can achieve after school, yes school will be difficult but you grow whose leaving the education system and grow as a person.

In this chapter you can see a list of famous people are know to have dyslexia, each of these people would have had difficult learning but excelled once leaving school and going into a career.

When looking at a career even if you are not dyslexic, most people choose something of interest and they can do and that it the biggest enjoyment of work for you future. So choosing a career where you can work with you advantage is a must do if not your career can seem like being at school.

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