Conclusion for Parents

Having a child with dyslexia is never easy as my parents tell me now, my parents said it was bad to think that your child as having a disability or would not achieve big things like going to university. But dyslexia isn’t a disability and dyslexics can achieve the big successes in life.

What you should remember with having a child with dyslexia is support, but support comes in different ways, for example support through the bad times, supporting with there homework, finding help, supporting giving love. But its important to find away around your Childs problems, this mean if they find reading difficult, try and find them books or magazine they can enjoy, I would never read books, but I did a lot of magazines.

Its important that your child learns, they might have a weakness, but every weakness has a strength behind it, dyslexic have problem reading and writing, so use there strength which is memory and seeing, and let them watch Television, like wildlife program, and when they are learning a book is class get them the video.

One things my parents did when they find out that I had dyslexia was to find our parents who had a child with the same problem, they were able to work together and make there child life a little easier because they would learn from each other.

It’s important when having a dyslexic child that your child does things they enjoy out of school, so try and build your child self steam. This will learn them-selves that they can be good at things.

When having a child with dyslexia, its important to have a school that understands it, so choose carefully, if the school is not good for your child, see if you can get them in another. A good school will look at dyslexia as a positive way and give your child the support he or she needs, they will have teachers who can teach in specific dyslexic learning classes.

As any problem you find with your child, its important to find different ways around it, so reading up on it, speaking to experts or speaking to friends and family, but the biggest way you can learn is speak to your child, when doing homework and they have a problem, ask how they are doing it, and they write a list down on how to solve the problem. Its important you ask your child, they will feel that they have someone to talk too and understand what they are going through. Its important as well that if you find there is problem too solve it, this may mean speaking to your child for extra homework. I found as a child that I enjoyed doing homework that I do be left to myself to do, piece which I could work out for my self but with a little guidance from my parents.

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