Conclusion for Students

Dyslexia, it’s a funny thing; you get a lot of positive when you use your dyslexia right, but a lot a negatives when you use your dyslexia wrongly.

In this book, iv tried to explain what dyslexia is, the biggest problem is when you don’t understand what it is from the point of view of someone having it. You wouldn’t tell a man who is blind what black is and yellow are, so why do we get non dyslexics telling us what dyslexia is as a disability.

For you as a dyslexic, think of it as a positive, A Way of Thinking, everything you do is thinking, from reading to writing from riding a bike, but we always look for the easiest way of doing things.

When you are learning in school you are being taught by a non dyslexic, so you will not get taught the good ways of dealing with your thinking and working, so what you need to remember is the best way for you to work but you need to think on how you do things. I remember when I had to read a chapter a night in my English class, I knew I couldn’t do that some I got the video and tape recording of it. So I cheated abit, I knew what the book was about and I then got a good grade. What im saying it that you should find way around your problems with reading a writing. If you find it easier using a computer to do your work, use a computer.

Or when you are writing a letter, plan out in bullet point what you want to say.

It’s never easy having dyslexia when learning, but it important for you to learn as much as anyone else, a good education is good for your future. Yes you will find times difficult, but everyone has the rights to have a good education.

Being a dyslexic is interesting because I can look back to see how iv done things, solved my problem, planned my way out of problems, so I would recommend to any dyslexic student that its important for you think back and to plan, every night I made sure that I had quite time, I lay on my bed with some music on thinking about that day, but that aloud my relax and think clearly. I would say it aloud me to think better at school because I felt more relaxed at room, having quiet time and reflecting is very important for you to learn as a dyslexia person. 

You can always relax at home, but its just as important for you to learn to relax in school, college, or university, learning is a stressful thing to do, so find ways to relax before a lesson, before you go to lesson, go early to relax before you go, if you are doing a essay or report, as if you could go to the library to do your work, this will allow you to learn from yourself and work in a relaxed way in your own time.

It may sound stupid but I found working after school in the library helped me a great deal, I allowed me to work on my homework, at the same time make new friend, it allowed me have support, because the librarian would explain things, plus I could go and see the teacher that I was having problem, as I spent time in homework clubs like building, this allowed to use my creative side at the same time learning to use my dyslexic way of thinking.

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