Conclusion for Teachers

Please don’t blame me if you think in blaming teaching in this book, it comes from my experiences, but i cant understand the stressful job you have teaching 30 kid every hour for 8 hours a day. But I would like you to take in mind what I have said in this book, its not just important for the child and their parents to learn about dyslexia but for teachers to understand the positive side to it, most of the problems that happen to a dyslexia is through difficulty from having teachers who are not dyslexic, so by understanding the dyslexia as a way of thinking, the problems can be solved and dyslexia can be seen a positive issue.

With your classroom is your environment but its important to solve a dyslexic problem you don’t need to change your working style from all the kids but change your style to the dyslexic students, for example giving different home work, I remember if a teacher said read chapter that night, a nightmare would happen, but one teacher called me in after school and said to me here is the video tape don’t tell anyone or the other students, I want you to watch it as many time as your can. Little things like that helped me and would help other student, even speaking to my parents asking them to get my certain things like a palmtop computer helped a lot, I can understand most parent cant but ways can be found around all problems.

Dyslexia is interesting problems student can have, but many teachers find that students with dyslexia can be left alone on creativity projects or project like reports on a subject or being in a library. Its important that you allow the dyslexic student to learn by them selves rather than giving them piece of paper for them to read, I would love to go to the library and research myself and then write about it. This may seem the long way around but standing at a board telling the student or giving reading to be done never worked with me. But when research came along I remembered everything.

Learning at home can be a great way, for example giving different home work, like research this on the internet, was a great way and then print everything out and then list the facts. Home work is very important.

I remember at school that the most traumatic time was when teachers would want me to read aloud in class, please never ask a child with reading difficulties to read out aloud. Its not nice to see everyone laughing around you, other students and friends can be so cruel.

My dream for this book for teachers in that they can understand how a dyslexic should think and work, how not to make the cruel situations I had to go through would happen to any other students. But I would like to say its important to allow the student to breath and learn there own way of working, its not important that they get the a positive learning experience and get the grades they need for the next level of education.

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