What this section is all about:-

I’v decided to finish the book with a conclusion for you the student, parents and teachers. Im going to sum up the different areas if think each type of person should have been thinking in the book.


Dyslexia is all about learning about yourself and combating against you problems and working with more of your strengths and than working with you weaknesses.

Learning about yourself will be the biggest thing to learn how to achieve and leaving your problems behind.

Learning is always has problems but you must learn how to overcome your problems and learn how you work and forget how other people work.


Its wont be easy having a dyslexia son or daughter but they will bring some especial into your life as every people do when they are in a family.

Its important to listen to your child and allow them to express them selves when out of school and learning to relax after school doing the thing they enjoy.



Teaching is a difficult thing to do as a career trying to teacher 30 different students at one time, but working with a dyslexic way of thinking can aid to other student learning in the classroom.

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