Dyslexia as a Gift

Never think as a student that Dyslexia is a Disadvantage, it is an advantage of the way to think in pictures.

“Think of Dyslexia as a gift.”

 Only you have this special way of you’re thinking skills.

Each different Dyslexic person sees life and the environment in a different prospective.

Dyslexia is only strength and a gift when the Dyslexic person and especially students have self-acceptance of their Dyslexia and there mind.

The gift is their way of thinking. This is a gift because of the way their mind works in pictures.

Here is the gift: –

  • A Dyslexic person can see things in a higher and larger depth in a different prospective than normal. They take a item or topic part and look at each area in such depth, that they can see things that a normal person can’t see or think in that depth.
  • He or she can look at the picture in their mind and look in depth of the detail needed for their question to be answered.
  • He or she can picture the future; for example how an event should and will look likes.
  • He or she can see how other people mind works, such as their personalities.
  • He or she is highly aware of the environment and the world around them.
  • He or she will be intuitive and insightful.
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