Dyslexia Mentally Affects

Definition – Dyslexia mentally

This will look at the understanding of the student and why these problems happen.

For example

Not being able to speak in large groups of people and friends.

There are many affects, but you must remember that must dyslexic student find out they are dyslexic late in education and that means that they have produced many mental affect of being told that they are thick or dump. Imagine that somebody was telling you for 5 days a week for 9 years that you were thick and that what ever you said was not interesting. “Believe me that would cause you problems.”

Having these further problems occur because the student believes that he or she is not accepted in life and that they are not wanted. Some dyslexia wants to be the center of attraction, other go quiet. But it looking at why these problems happen and bring the student into self acceptance and understanding that problems with dyslexia can be helped.

What we are going to look at, are these problems.

The affects:-

  • Difficult to speak in group of people and with friends

This can be many reasons but the main affect is being nervous and expecting somebody telling you that you are wrong.

It also can be when the person is thinking of to many things at once. And the mind become clouded and the person then tries to do to things at once. For example:-

  • Thinking of what you are speaking
  • Thinking the night words to say
  • Thinking of another topic or ideas
  • Difficult to read in front of people

This is because of the traumer of being laughed at. The student/person believes they will get laughed at because of their standards of reading.

The old situation when and if. So the student/person decided not to read.

  • Argumentative

This can be many reason:-

  • He or she believe you don’t understand
  • He or she is not satisfied that he or she has not said what they really want too.
  • Because they think that they have not put into enough depth + detail.
  • Because they learn other points of view quickly.
  • Patronizing

This can be done without the student/person realizing that they are doing it.

Or that the student believes you think you are not listening and they believe there understanding is right.

  • Finding it difficult to go into places where large places

This because the person feels bad at the normal location at where there problems happen normally. So they are watching to see if (expecting) something to happen.

And also if they are away with the friends that sometimes causes the problem, it can be worst when

  • Not being able to hold eye contact

This is difficult, a defense for the person, not allowing the person to see potential body language.

This can be because of problems long-term related and should be looks at if it get worsted. This can be through bullying, low self acceptance, thinking that they want to hide away.

  • Difficult to making friends

The affects can be because problems with having friends and that it allow lack of knowledge because they close up normally around people. So they lack the skills.

  • Difficult to being with friends

This can be defending themselves from friends getting to know them more deeply.

This can be because they afraid that friends might truly out what they are really like.

This can be problems in:-

  • Small groups
  • Large groups
  • General friends
  • Socializing friends
  • New friends
  1. Being quite when with people

This is because the student/person believe that they are different because of frustration of reading an writing. And that they are not equal with other people and that other people would pick mistakes when picking so the student/person remains quiet. (To them it safer).

  • Finding work confusing

This is a difficult thing because they don’t understand what is needed to be done.

The problems is that are prepared and don’t understand the way and routine.

The best way is planning and explaining before doing the work.

  • Depression

This is link to all the above problems. Imagine that you were being told every day for a year that you are:-

  • Thick
  • Dump
  • Boring
  • Everything you said is wrong
  • Nobody listens

You would then start to think that they are right and then that can turn into depressions.

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