Dyslexia the positives and negatives

This section is important for you the reader to think of dyslexia as a way of thinking and not as a disability, the section presents the understanding that with dyslexia there are many strengths and of cause a few problem only if you don’t use your dyslexic thinking and learning strategies.

The section looks at the understanding that it important to understand yourself and be positive about who you are, many dyslexic as myself will say that knowing who you are and liking yourself it the biggest success in beating the problems of dyslexia, the more positive you are the more you will strive to improve in your learning and life.

The section looks at both the gifts and strengths of dyslexia to show that there is positive with every negative but you need to concentrate on these gifts/strengths and stop concentrating on the weaknesses. Into today society and in school to weak fail exams and strong pass them, what I believe is that we are individuals should concentrate what you are good at.

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