Essay Writing

Planning an essay and writing a essay up take many different skills.

A good essay is a planned essay. Planning an essay also mean research of the subject and understanding the question you will be answering in the essay.

Find of a planning a essay as you would do when planning a report. But in a essay you need to find of a essay in 5 parts.

  • Introduction
  • Beginning to answering the questions
  • Middle
  • End
  • Conclusion

How to plan the structure

A good way to plan a essay is to get 5 pieces of A4 paper.

Place one title part into each piece of paper. So one piece will have introduction, the other will have beginning and so on.

The idea for this is the develop a spider diagram on each page.

On the next 5 pages I will do the spider diagrams and the question I will use will be

“What is dyslexia?”

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