Exam time is a very difficult time of the study year for dyslexic students. The reason is the exams it self for these reasons:-

  • Revising for the exams what is needed and what the questions in the exams will want you to answer
  • Reading the exam question on the exam paper
  • Writing the answers on the exam paper

– Writing in the standard of English that is needed

– Writing without confusion

  • Panicking in the exams
  • Forgetting what information you need to answers in the exams (remembering the facts and figures).

Authors view on exams and taking them

“People have told me it the information on the exam paper the examiner wants (what you know). It not marked on your standard of English. However, as dyslexic I know that the standard of English is confused. And when taking my G.C.S.E that was the problem.”

“Now I doing fine and getting good marks in exams.”

This success in exams is because I have adopted my way of thinking to cope with exams. And here is how to understand Exams and how to do exam with the best of a dyslexic’s ability.

One of the most important things in exams knows what to answer the question with and what information for the answer. And that mean you need to Prepare before taking the exam and that means revision.

Revision is vital because you need to re-remember what you have learnt in class on the topics for the exam.

There are many way to revise and there is know specific way to revise. Its what best for you.

But as a dyslexic, Reading information is the problem so that can be a bad way to revise with.

Here is a list of way to revise with:-

  • Reading & writing
  • Video’s
  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Discussions
  • Spider Diagrams

The above the main way to revise and each of these use a different sense of revising and learning.

On the next page there will be a explanation to each style of revision.

  • Reading & writing

This is the most difficult for a dyslexic student to do. For simple reason dyslexic students generally find reading difficult to understand and remember what we are reading.

If you are doing this type of technique, do not sit and read for a long period of time. Do it as reading while making notes of the points that you will need.

  • Video’s

This is a technique just to remind you of the topic by using pictures (the TV). This way is good to remind you but it will not give you the depth and detail needed for most exam questions.

  • Listening to the experts

This is good, for example listen to a teacher or even a ex-student who has got a good grade in the subject.

Listening is a good way because you are hearing another person views and listening how they understand the topic/subject.

  • Discussions/speaking

This is a very good way to revise to learn a topic/subject again. For a dyslexic student this will use your picture thinking skills when discussing the topic/subject.

  • Spider Diagrams

This is planning exercise at the same time revising. This is a good way to test what you know of a topic/subject.

And also a good way to revise by using the spider diagram to jog your memory.

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