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With Education system there are a set of procedures that for your son or daughter will have to go through to get any financial help to get equipment or extra like lessons.

These procedures is the usual red-tape that surround the department called special needs.

The red-tap is their to make sure that any child who does not need it or they think they can cope will be told that they could not get the funding.

The red-tape is to make sure that the colams are just justified, this is because of the funded of £4000 that will go to the child. And also to make sure that the students get the best out of their equipment and to get what is needed like lessons (training) and equipment.

I know from my personal experience of this procedure that there takes a long time to happen because either teachers are not allowed to deal with and  it then has to put onto someone else pile of work.

Tip –

If you see your son or daughter needs the funding go straight to see the head of special needs department and not your son or daughter head of year or form tutor. All they will do is pass it onto to special needs.

I must say that really the word special needs is wrong to be used for your child for his or her Dyslexia (way of thinking. But that is what the education system calls it and they are wrong to call your child a special need.

To get the funding and to make sure that your child it getting what is needed and time is not being wasted and you are not waiting for the school or college to call.

Go and have a chat with the head of the special needs department and get him or her to explain what is going to happen and get him or her to explain it in detail and why.

This is because you as a parent will be clear of what is needed and then you can question, if and when things don’t happen.

It is not up to the teacher to say that the educational phycoisist is not going to happen because they kept saying that to me and now with all the fuse I am getting the funding and getting the equipment I needed.

If there are any problem because they will because to get the educational phycoisist will cost the school or college. Go to the head. Never allow the teacher to say that your child is not able to get the funding. That is the job or the educational phycoisist. Even if you have to fight and pay for it yourself. You will get the money back with the funding your child could get. Don’t forget extra Dyslexic lesson can go under the funding.

In my personal experience I needed a lap-top at school in my lessons and at my senior school they said no to the educational phycoisist and that brought me to fail me G.C.S.E’s badly. But I went to another college where I said no to all the no we can’t until I got funding from a separte source from the college to get the laptop for a year and I was able to show the difference from one year without and a year with.

And with the laptop I showed that I needed the funding that I should have had 5 years beforehand.

So even if you have to show the difference for equipment by funding yourself by renting a lap-top to show the difference of your sons or daughter work go for it. Because I will show that you need the funding. It is there for the taking if you need it.

Why should you have to pay out of your own pocket if the money is there for you to have from the government.

One thing you must look for when it comes to school and college, “do they have the right type of teacher teaching the right sort of teaching for a Dyslexic child.”

Some college just use the sort of teacher that is teaching a overall type for all the differently types of needs. So you must find out. If they is the right sort of teacher get your child to be taught by them.

Even if the school or college say they don’t have the money to spend on the teacher for one hour a week for the child or even a group or children. This tuition can be used in the funded from the special needs grants.

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