Hints and Tips for a Dyslexic Person

To make things easier in school and college and especially University. Try and work on a Lap-Top computer is your lecture and at home. The lap-top computer should improve:-

  • Organization
  • Spelling
  • Reading ability while reading on the computer
  • Comprehension
  • Task work
  • Speed of the work being done
  • Report and task work being clear to understand
  • Better and easier layout for the teacher and the Dyslexic student to understand.

The computer has many gifts. There are many programs that can help the Dyslexic Student.

Because the Dyslexic person sees in picture, the computer show the Dyslexic person pictures throughout the working of everyday life of using one.

  1. When studying for exam or coursework, the best way to work, is not to cram or sit at a desk all day.

But to do little and often.

Try to do as much coursework or homework on the

weekend or at lunchtime. It is better than doing it after school or college. Because the Dyslexic student mind needs time to rest for the next day for work.

Do the work on the week, but try and find the best time for you and your body and especially your mind. Look for a time that you are able to concentrate on studying.

Give yourself plenty of time to do the assignments.

  1. Never wait until the last minute to do a piece of the work, because a Dyslexic student worst time to work is when he or she is stressed and being rushed of time.
  2. Whenever you work in a quite place it is always best to have some music in the background. But not the radio this is because of the people talking between the music. Choose music soundtracks that you will be able to work to and enjoy at the same time. The Sound track should allow you to still to concentrate
  3. When looking at a problem in your work, don’t look at it in disgust. But look at the problem as a advantage which needs to be solved.

Most Dyslexic students problems are either because the way they thinking or the way they write their sentences in their work.

Look at the problem and see what the problem is trying to tell you.

A Dyslexic student problem can be made easier by changing a working method or thinking different in pictures, or the teacher changing the teaching method.

  1. Carry a small note pad around with you at all times so you can make notes, so later you can look back to remember your notes. Look back once a day, To remind yourself.

The note can be what ever you need to remind yourself with. It is up to you it’s your notebook.

  1. Dyslexia is known as a disability to schools and medal community so in exams you are allowed extra time and other extra like:-
  • A reader
  • Computer – depend on typing speed
  • Somebody writing for you
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