My Life in Education

They thought I was a slow child

In my education from the infant school to the junior school the teachers knew that I had a problem with my work and especially in reading and writing. To me this was frustrating but each teacher in each different year I was in, told my parents that they knew that I had a problem, but they said that I was being slow in lesson and that was a slow child. I knew that I was intelligent because I could do the work and see the answers in my mind but I could not put them on paper as other children could in the class. But each New Year in the schools brought more and more failure in exams and tests and the education that I was given in the schools was letting me down because of my difficulty with reading and writing.

I will admit that it was frustrating when learning and at that age at infants and junior school it would became stressful, that I would start to cry to get help from the teachers.

Some of the teacher did show my concern than others by giving special needs tests to see why I was having problems. But even the test told to see why I was having problems. But I knew that I was different from other children because of my intelligence.

When reading I would not see the word clearly which brought more difficulty within the lessons. This was not because of having problems with my sight like long-vision, but seeing the words and letters moving around the page. This brought many difficult for me in concentrate so hard that  I would be close to falling a sleep.

Even when the children who would mess around in class

would get more help than me and that made me more frustrated. Because I had difficulty to learn the basics in the infants and junior education, it was really a waste of time for me because I learning only a quarter of the work which was given to me in those to school classes and lessons.

Even when I was doing a task well and I did it a different way the teachers, the teachers would think that I was doing it to cause a problem to them. So they would either make me do it their way or punish me.

To me there where was more difficult for me to understand, than my own way that I develop for my way of thinking to do the piece of work set. My own ways of teaching my self to do a task would help me to understand a task in more depth.

The only time I felt happy in school was when I able to work in a pair with my best friend in the class and because the school system allowed the class to stay the same all 7 years. I was able to work as a pair with my friend Andrew.

Andrew could tell from the first week that we started to work together that I had a different way of thinking and working and able to see things differently in life and ways of learning in education.

Andrew was such a good friend, in class when the teacher gave use a task to do as a pair and even when task when you have to work on your own of doing tasks and not the teachers way. This would enable me to the learn more easily and to have the ability to understand, other than when I had to work with the teachers way of learning. Working in the pair was better than when I had to work alone because we work as a team.

The teachers would never notice this way of working because they thought that it was teamwork or Andrew was giving me the answers. For the teachers point of view they thought that Andrew was giving me the answer. And they

Didn’t mind this because they thought that I was then not causing problems for them.

With Andrew I was able to use my picture thinking and my other strengths for Dyslexia.

You should remember that in education it not having the ability to do but the ability to understand the task and the answers to the task correctly. It is not the amount of work, but the content of the work.

I would personally say to teaches that also read this section that they should concentrate on the above paragraph.

In the book it is the biggest lesson is that teachers need to learn when they have a child with Dyslexia and a  child who they think is slow with other learning Disabilities, to work with them and not against there way of thinking and understanding.

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