My Reading and Writing

My big problem I realized at secondary school was writing sentences for coursework or normal school work. The words in the sentences would be mixed up, there would also be missing words or letters in the sentences. I could not write clearly when detail was needed because I would write all I knew that was required to answer a question but not necessarily clearly. The teachers  would read it and concentrate their attention on the poor expression of the ideas/information and not on the points which I had made. To me the sentences seemed correct and I would not see the missing words  or the misspellings, even when reading the sentences back to myself.

The same problem happened also when I was reading back my writing. In general reading I would miss words and even adding words or letters.

This became an even bigger problem in exams, because I 

would miss read the questions on the paper.

I remember in Year 9 in secondary school when I had failed the math’s exam, the teacher decided to put me down a grade of class even though I could do the work in class with ease. The reason why I failed the exam was because I miss-read the questions. The words I miss-read were words, like example and not reading the “s” on the end of words, which meant I would think on one example and not more. I even miss read the numbers, instead of 4, I would read it as 5.

When doing exam please read the question more than twice or you could make the same mistake I made and I don’t want you to be put in the same situation that I was in.

The same thing happened in most end of year exams that I did so when it came to start the G.C.S.E maths work I was made to do Foundation work and the test exam papers were far too easy. When I complained to the teacher I was not allowed to move up to the Intermediate level of the class.  However  I was allowed to join the Intermediate level two terms before the final exam. Because I had not had the full Intermediate teaching I was at a disadvantage when I came to take the final G.C.S.E maths exam, and it was too late and I achieved a grade “D”, and yet I knew that I was capable of getting a C or even a B had I been allowed to try and work on the Intermediate level from Year 10.

To teachers – if you have a child in your class who is Dyslexic and he or she can be seen to do the class work with ease and then does badly in exams, give them the chance to do the higher exam paper because they will understand the subject and their grade will improve.  If you keep them learning the same topics over and over again they will achieve very little and get bored.  Give them the chance, throw them in the deep end so they can work and show their true potential. 

Don’t keep them back.

Because of these problems with my Dyslexia, bullying and not being able to read the questions properly, I failed most of the G.C.S.E‘s. The 2 subjects that I did achieve a grade that I was happy with, were Drama and Design & Technology. Both of these subjects had over 60% coursework. I had already passed the coursework.

The worst exam was Geography when I went from a B in my coursework but got an F in my exam, so I was given the final grade of E. I had the exam paper remarked and the final statement which told me why I had received the final E grade  was because my answers could not be understood. I remember after the exam I went through the exam paper with my teacher and I was told that if I had written what I had said I should have been given a good grade.

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