Overall Conclusion

As this book is all about showing the true meaning of what dyslexia is about and what it is like to being in education with having this way of thinking.

It is a difficult task to conclude this book. But I will say, that concluding for the end should be looking back at the topics of that are covered and saying to try and understand:-

  • yourself if you are the student
  • your child if you are the parent
  • the student if you are the teacher

To conclude this book you would have found a different meaning to this book if you are 1, 2 or 3.

If you are a student, it should give you more self acceptance of your understanding of your thinking and studies. It should give you hope for the future success.

If you are a parent you have just find out what your child may be going through within life and their education. Understand the difficulties and the confusion that has happen and will be there for meaning year ahead within their education.

If you are a teacher, it should give you some pointer and understanding a student you think may be dyslexic or who has dyslexia. Remember they are not a problem in class if they are working with there way of understanding. But they can be a problem if they are working just by your working. Listen to the student.

I will say this for every reader to understand the book truly ask a dyslexic student and ask there opinion on it truth.

Don’t just dismiss the book as a book that is not truth or even a book which is not scientific. It is a book that is showing the side of how a dyslexic student has gone through education and how this dyslexic sees and understands how he learns.

Good bye and thanks for reading. I hope you have enjoyed it.

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