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  • It is important for you the Dyslexic child to know that Dyslexia does not mean that you are thick, dumb or stupid, but the opposite.
  • There is around 4% of British People have Dyslexic strong
  • There is around 6% of British People to have Dyslexia. To the weakest to the strongest type of Dyslexia
  • Stress will make your stress Dyslexia and your thinking worse
  • Try this – try and describe yourself in words
  • Word blindness is the old term used for Dyslexia
  • Each Dyslexic person is unique in there way of thinking
  • There is no quick fix for Dyslexia, because Dyslexia is not a illness but a way of thinking
  • Dyslexia is a type of frame of mind and very gifted mind at that
  • When having to read a book is English, get the video of the book. You can even get the reading tape of the book. Ask your local library
  • Carry a small dictionary around with you in your school bag
  • Think as your writing disability as a new language it’s your language
  • Exams are about facts and not how well you can read and write.
  • Because Dyslexia is a disability it goes under by law – Disability Discrimination act
  • Take a rest when you get home, don’t tire your self out for school or college. If you do you will get more confused when learning
  • If one identical twin has Dyslexia the other identical twin will have it. There thinking and strength will be different because their life and environment will be different. The other identical twin would have experience things differently and will think of experience in a different light.
  • Prove everybody wrong, use what you have within strength and make people eat their words, when they have looked down on you because of your Dyslexia.
  • Don’t think of the special need department at your school or University as a department for Dyslexic people will need a teacher who will teach them because they think you need special needs. But think of the department as a learning support. You don’t need special teaching but special teaching but more support to learn in the environment of education.
  • The method of thinking should be named as Dyslexia and not the disability that comes from dyslexia. (this should be written in dictionary and not what is said that it is a reading disability).
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