One of the worst things that a Dyslexic person, especially a Dyslexic student, can do is not to have self-acceptance of there Dyslexia.

This acceptance entitles these elements: –

  • Knowing how there mind works
  • Knowing how they think
  • Who they are in body and mind
  • What type of level of Dyslexia do they have?
  • How they use their strengths in the world and their environment

Only when the student has self-acceptance can he or she start to learn and fulfill their strengths and achieve new things in education.


To get self-acceptance of your Dyslexia you will need to take time and effort in thinking. There is no direct answer as such to get self acceptance of your Dyslexia but the all you need to do is: –


“Look deep inside your mind and soul and body. And see how you work. Look at how you see the world and the environment around you.”


Talk to people about yourself and your Dyslexia. Speak to people who know you deeply. They are the ones who can get you advice and help to give you self-acceptance.


You are not looking for an answer of self acceptance to life or to be a genus, but the answer of “who are you and how does your dyslexia affect you and your life.”

Only then the self-acceptance is answered of your Dyslexia.

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