Self Help

At senior school, it is very difficult for a dyslexic student to understand the work that is needed to done. This is not because of standard of the work but the process of understanding how to work. If you adopt these techniques you should be able to understand how you are learning and to stop  being confused at the same time.

Using these techniques does not mean that you start achieving straight away, but you will learn more about how you work. You will use the techniques to re-arrange your old way of working but it is not that difficult to put them into action.

I know that when you read this section you might think it is a lot of hassle learning these techniques and will not take pressure to put these techniques into action.

When I linked all these techniques together I started learning properly and started achieving results in exams and coursework that I never had before.

With these techniques, the most important thing for you is helping yourself. In process is called self help. And with lessons self help is very important. I don’t mean extra work but understanding and asking questions about what you are learning.

For a dyslexic student self help is vital for success in education, if not you will fail. Try and understand what works best, for example if you work best at night, do most of your work during the night and plan during the day time.

The self help mean preparing your work and enhancing your studies skills. For example –

  • Time management
  • Discussing the work with the tutor
  • Discussing the work with fellow students
  • Planning ahead with assignments, for example making a list of the area of how the assignment should look like
  • Preparing for exams and revision techniques
  • Getting the most out of class-work
  • Making notes during class and after class
  • Knowing how to do presentation is some subjects (presentations are important the further you get in education).

These next few sections will give helpful techniques and understanding how the dyslexia student should be able to use picture thinking to achieve with these techniques.

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