Speaking to Others

With dyslexic people communicating with words on paper and reading words is not just the problem as a whole but another problem with communicating is by speaking and the problem with this with the thinking.

Here is a list of the problems that might occur with this type of thinking:-

  • Not being able to say what you want to say out loud.
  • People not listening because they think you have not or not going to make a point of view that should be heard
  • Not being able to have a discussion with people in a group of people.
  • People getting the wrong idea what you are saying, with what you have said and the tone of the voice
  • People just always want to make small talk because they thinking you want understanding

What is Spoken Dyslexia

People believe that Dyslexia is just reading and writing. But the biggest or one of the biggest problems is a speech problem.

The speaking problem works into the same way as the writing but the words are not being put on paper but in speech

The problems that come from the speech dyslexia:-

  • Stuttering
  • Having the wrong words that you don’t want to say
  • Words in sentence in the wrong order
  • Have difficulty talking to people in groups
  • Having difficulty talking to people one to one
  • Being nervous when speaking to people because he thinks that you will make mistakes
  • Sentences having many different ideas within them

This dyslexia is the most affected with other people because the dyslexic person can have problems with friendship.

My advice to the Dyslexic person –

Have a close friend that you can speak to. Socialize with all your friends. Try and allow people into your world and allow them to see that you have a problem and if they look at you differently.

Show down your speech if you can feel that you may have problems.

Have fun it is difficult to trust people with this problem and don’t allow people to get to you.

Have a group a friends that you can have a laugh at the sometimes having complex discussions with.

Relax around people who you do know, learn the type of jokes that your friends use.

Have both male and female friends that you can talk to and understand and they understand you.

Advice to the friends and family who don’t have speech Dyslexia:-

Learn how your dyslexic friend thinks and what they mean when they think and speak.

Never laugh at them.

Be onist that is the best way. They will have more difficult say what they want.

Allows make things easy on them never use small chat. The dyslexic will know when you don’t really want to chat. Have a laugh.

If you say a joke and the dyslexic doesn’t laugh or take a while to understand it. Never ask if they understand because that will make things uneasy on the dyslexic person.

Never question what they say because the Dyslexic person never forgets what they understand or say.

If you think they are wrong get them to explain what they mean. Because that will allow them to show you what they are thinking and trying to say.

Remember your Dyslexic friend is not stupid or thick. He or she only has difficult to communicate to the outside world from their mind.

Allow your Dyslexic friend to be able to express himself or herself in what ever way possible.

Never guess what the Dyslexic means or will say. Give them a chance.

Arthur’s experience with Speech Dyslexia:-

I have found that my friends and family sometimes have difficult to understand what I mean.

My friends are great some of them I do have difficulty to speak to because they just want to make small talk and don’t want to have a conversions.

I have one very good friends who think that I am being cheesy when I say certain things when I am expressing myself. But to be true to myself I have problem in thinking what words to choose to put into my sentences. The truth is that I what to say certain things but I can’t finger what I would like to say in the sentences and I can’t think how to put things into depth or detail.

I would like my friends know that I thank them all to let me be myself and allowing me to be relaxed.

I find that my friends feel that I sometimes can be boring in what I am talking about or saying  but the truth is that I don’t know exactly what to talk about or what to say.

I want you to know that when my friends see me being quiet it is not because I am being boring or because I am ignoring people. It is because I don’t know what to say.

I would like you to think about these experiences if you have Dyslexia and see how these are like for you. And I would like my friends and family and others to understand what I have said.


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