Strengths of Dyslexia

Dyslexia brings many disadvantages, but a lot of advantages. The reason why Dyslexia brings large amounts of strengths is because of “the way Dyslexic people think”. The Dyslexic person thinks in picture and because of this they gets to see the world and environment.

The strengths work because of Visual and multi-dimensional thinking. This thinking in pictures allows the Dyslexic person to see objects and tasks in a different way. The Dyslexic person for example when planning an event, is able to see what the event will look like on the day and then his or her mind will then look at the picture and see what needs doing to develop the event.

Here is a list of strengths that a Dyslexic person can have: –

  • Good people skills – this could be a number of skills. Communicating, leadership, talking, controlling, and teaching.
  • Good at reading life and people – able to read peoples feelings and able to see their problems in depth, by what has happen and what could be done to help. Reading life, the different direction that people too could go and how to get to a goal and succeed.
  • Entrepreneurs – arranging tasks and events well. Being able to see what the task and events will look like in your picture thinking and how to organise the running and organizing of the tasks and events.
  • Brain ability to alter and creating new pictures in the mind
  • Highly aware of the world and environment around them – able to see what is going one and what could happen and why things happen
  • Able to give advise – to see peoples problems in their lives and able to get people to ‘dig deep’ and to get them to see what is happening and also to give them advise to help them.
  • Very creative with the mind and hands – able to think creative by picture. Seeing something like a painting in the mind and then using their hands to develop it onto paper. This can also be done for mechanics, architecture.
  • Excel in individual sports – able to develop their mind around a sport that they love. Able to see what could happen and what you the sportsman or sportswomen can do to succeeds in the sport or activity
  • Global thinking – able to see not just area of a topic but the whole picture. Being able to fit missing links in the thinking or the topic.
  • Able to use able 8 senses at once or in groups – able to use all the 8 senses and work them as one.
  • Vivid imaginations – using your imagination to work you in life or to work creative with it like writing a story or drawing or painting
  • Able to understand in more depth than normal thinking people – when you are thinking about a topic that you can understand, you can look in depth even more than a teacher can. For example in sports or a piece of schoolwork.
  • Good visual eyesight – able to arrange items in to place or order. For example jig saws.
  • Talented in jobs which involve creativity

Not every Dyslexic will have all these strengths. But each Dyslexic will have a group of this Strength. It is up to the Dyslexic person to find these Strengths and work with them to achieve there potential in life and the environment around them

One of the main problems of being a Dyslexic student is that you don’t know how to really use these strengths. The Strengths you have from your Dyslexia will take time to develop into what they should be.

When you see that you have certain strength try and develop them as much as you can. One way to develop these strengths that you have is a work with them, bring the strengths into the you life and living and work environment.

One thing that a Dyslexic person and especially Dyslexic students should do to develop these strengths is to look at you and look deep. 

When in education bring these strengths in to your work. And try not to work with your weaknesses. If you are good at communicating and you have real difficulty writing, try doing coursework and tasks on video or a cassette tape. 

One of the biggest pieces of advice I would give

would be: –

“Work with your Dyslexic strength and only work with you weaknesses when you have to”. 

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