Teaching Assessment

This report is to answer questions about your:-

  • Reading age and ability
  • Writing age and ability
  • Speaking age and ability
  • Mental age and ability
  • What equipment can be used to aid your education

The report is there to identify the basic problem that you the student have and could need help on.

The report is there also for allowing help in exams and coursework. This help might be using a computer or extra time during the exam.

The report is there to identify these problem and to allow the college or school and even the university know what can be done to make your education easy for you to work and understand.

The time when you are being assessed is the best time to ask question. The Physiologist assessor is there to help as much as they can and if not they will take the question and find out for you.

This is the time to collect as much information as you can and to get to know the exact process that is going on.

The assessment is there also to identify, can the student be aided by any equipment to help him or her through there education. The equipment for a Dyslexic can be a palm-top computer, a home computer, a lap-top computer., voice recorder, special software for the computer and etc.

With the assessment will have £4000 for you and this will allow you to have further equipment and training. The training can be how to write, Dyslexic lesson and even how to use a computer.

You must plan what you and the assessor believe you need and when you should need it through your education. For example a lap-top for lessons and a palm-top for making noted at Universities sessions.

Tips –

With the software or computer it is in your best advice to make sure that it is compatible with the location you will be at (school, college or University). For example some computer have lotus smart which is a word processor software but if you were going to a school with Microsoft word processor you will have trouble by putting it onto disk and using it on their equipment.

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