The Author’s Experience of Having and Living with Dyslexia

I would like to say that only Dyslexic people who will read this section will only truly understand what I have to say about my experiences of having Dyslexia and living life and with my type of picture thinking.

This is not because normal thinking will not ever have to go through life having these experiences in the same way as a person who has Dyslexia, but the reason because the person with Dyslexia can relate to them more and understand why these experiences happen in there lives.

In this section I would like the reader who has Dyslexia not to think of the section as a story of my experiences and part of my life in education, but I want you to look at how to overcome these weaknesses if they happen to you and to look at the reasons why the experiences are there to teach you.

The only way to improve with Dyslexia is to look at the weaknesses are showing in it’s opposite strengths. And to look how to get of self-acceptance from these life changing experience.


I will admit that I when I started to write this book I was only 17½ years old. But I would say from having Dyslexia and looking back at that age and I was able to see the positive reasons why these experience had happened in my life and with education. The positive side to this experience to me is that it has taught me to be strong minded and not to give up when I have a aim to reach


I will admit that having Dyslexia will bring many problems in education, not because you are in the wrong by having

Dyslexia but the education system with schools. The

education system with student with Dyslexia because it is treated as a Disability and not as a way of thinking.

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