The Conclusion to This Story

I would like to say to the students reading this story and this book. To never give up and work with your strengths and not your weaknesses.

If there is a weakness in front of you there will always be strengths. hiding behind it. So just search for that strengths to succeed in your goals in life and working with your Dyslexia and gaining self-acceptance.


When looking at my education over the years, I have been able to see what are my weaknesses from my Dyslexia:-

  • Not being able to write sentence with enough details
  • Missing words and vital letters for the sentences
  • Not being be to understand word in detail, but if made simple I would be able the understand the text
  • Having difficulty to read because of the words is moving around the page
  • The strengths that I have found from my Dyslexia: –
  • Ability to think of pictures
  • Able to think with photographic memory and cinematic memory
  • Able to understand reason why people do things
  • Able to see what I want to say or do beforehand so I am prepared for a task
  • Able to see in topics in more depth and this can be put to good use for spider diagrams and flow charts

So when looking through this book and looking for self-acceptance for your learning abilities, look for your strength and work with them and not your weaknesses that you have from your Dyslexia and life.

As you can see in my story of my life so far that I have had, many moment where my Dyslexia was beating me, but I learned to not give up and to keep on trying. And I know that if I can do it, every person with Dyslexia on this planet can also work with their Dyslexia and not let it beat them.

There will be many times although your education where you see things being difficult and times will be hard. But believe me there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

I knew that education system in school is not they’re to work with people with Dyslexia or other disability like the one you the readers has.

But what ever you do don’t give up, what ever you do.

Because I know that every person who has Dyslexia and who does not have self acceptance of their Dyslexia is hiding their true potential.

So I when reading this book, keep looking at your Dyslexia and look at how the advise in the book can help you to get to your true potential in life and education.

The final thing that I will say in this section about the story of my life until the end of my education. Is that there is only one you and only one person in the world with your mind and that is you. And so you have to work with your mind to work with the world and the environment around you and that is what you need to do to work with your Dyslexia and mind to then be able to work with the your learning experience of education.

So when reading this book even if you think some areas and topics are not about you. Still read each and every section because there could a good piece of advice that will help you get evens my self-acceptance.

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