The Time I Discovered I Had Dyslexia

In secondary education one of the biggest weaknesses for me when I started having problems with reading out-loud in class.

The problem started the first day in class when each child had to read out-loud. And when I started to read the other children started to laugh. Because my reading was very slow and my a reading age was of 8 year old. I would stuttered when reading, the other children in my bullying it brought on a condition called Panic Attacks.

The bullying brought a lot of problems in class because I was not able to concentrate on my work.

And this brought problems to understand topics because I was always thinking of the name-calling and what would happen at break time or lunchtime.

Because of these panic attacks, it enable teachers and my parents to look at why I was having them and the reason. why I was having to them allowed me to be diagnosed with Dyslexia.

The only problems being diagnosed with Dyslexia is that I was not told what Dyslexia is and what it is all about. So I was not able to get self assessment of myself.

Unfortunately for me the teachers would not take my bullying seriously so I put up for 5 whole years with mental bullying and physical bullying. I would say that the physical bullying was not being hit or kicked but the bullies would see if they could make me to worry and the name calling would make me then to have panic attacks. One the worrying start, I would worry about what could happen and then I would worry start to panic, I would then have panic attack and have these attacks over and over again. To me this would feel that they were aiming for pain and discomfort in the body as both physical and mental bullying.

The bullying never stop until I left the secondary school that I was at.

One of the good things that happened at school. Was in year 9, was a my good friend Andrew got me started on playing the sport of golf. I took the sport up as much, that I would play as much as I could.

Every spare piece of time at home I would take the time to go up-to the golf course. This was because I was able to forget about many problems on the golf course from bullying  to Dyslexia. I was able to be environment where there was no reading or writing

And I was with good people and not jealous people. The sport gave me a purpose in learn about myself and not to give up at school and not to be beaten by the bullies, because I knew that I was in the right.

Because of the bullying I would go up-to the golf course three times a week. The people there excepted me for the person I was and am and not for the way people looked at me at school and they took for the way I played the sport and my behavior and understanding in the game of golf.

I would say personally the game of golf was the only thing to keep me going and it taught me that at every down side that is always a up side.

Everyday I started school, I knew that I just had to keep going forward until that day would end. I would always look forward to the next game of golf when I  could be in a environment where I could be myself and not get prosecuted for who I was and am. The sport learned me to look at myself and not to be beaten by weaknesses by to look for my strength in myself and the environment around me.


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