The Workplace for Dyslexic Person

At work Dyslexic people are still in a environment that  is reading and writing. So here are some tips that will help:-

  • Try to think in pictures as much as you can. When writing notes describe the scene that you are seeing in your mind.
  • Don’t make large notes, just small and simple notes that you can go back to and remind yourself what you were trying to remember
  • Carry a small note pad around with you at all time. This pad will be for any notes for you to remind yourself for dates and times and general ‘need to-do’ items.
  • Ask the other employees, to give any information in larger font and spaces between the paragraphs and in a colour font that you can see easier
  • If you have been given information on computer and you have been asked to go through the work, edit the articles with larger font and spaces between each paragraph and then print them out, this should make work easier to work with.
  • Have a glossary of ‘jargon’ (slang words) that people use in the factory and office. This could go into a note-pad
  • When working at a desk, try and create your space. Try and create a calm and relaxing working area. Even having a small CD player in a draw with headphones and playing the music while you are working to stop other employees losing your concentration.
  • When making notes about a topic, make a spider diagram or flow chart and bullet points.
  • Try and use pens that have uni-ball, this is because they have bolder inks.
  • Make a tem-plate of a letter, so then you don’t have to waste time re-writing the lay-out every time.
  • Ask the other employees, when they send information to you, not to make large paragraphs of information. Ask them to keep things short and simple. Bullet-points are excellent for Dyslexic people to understand for information.
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