There are hidden problems with dyslexia

What is this section all about:-

Dyslexia, meaning people just think about the problems like reading & writing, but as a dyslexic and looking back at the biggest problems of my dyslexia and looking back and seeing my friends with dyslexia, I would put one of the biggest problems in stress and mental state from stress.

This section looks not at the difficulties of the working with dyslexia but what affects it can have on a person if they get told every day they have a problem and a disability, the affects of not getting help.

Research has shown they high percentage of young offenders in prisons are found to have dyslexia. The affect is that they don’t know how to deal with there dyslexia, get stressed, cause problems in school start skiving, start doing crime and everything in their futures goes wrong.

I’m a big believer that we should look at combating stress in schools and in your person life, especially with dyslexic students. Combating stress can ease the situation and allow for better learning.

Reducing stress and learning to relax can help a student and especially a dyslexic to turn they problems into advantage because they can begin to relax when learning.

What are the affects of being dyslexic as a student?

Being a Student is difficult normally, because of the quick learning styles that the education system places on all students, but as a dyslexic, it even more difficult because of the abilities of he lack of reading and writing and that teachers not knowing the true meaning of dyslexia.

The time when a dyslexic student will have most of there problems with dyslexia will be they are a student. This time is a very confusing time for the child.

Most dyslexic children will never understand what dyslexia is? Unless they are taught to understand the “way  of thinking” by other dyslexic or by someone being a mentor to them.

With dyslexia the time when in education will be a time of hell and confusion. And in this section of the book, we will be looking at the affect mentally and physociology.

Being a student with dyslexia is a confusing time to understand how to live and work in education, at the same time learning.

It is not the dyslexia that causes the problems but not understand is the problem. And because of that a large percentage of dyslexic will lose interest in studying and fall behind and start to fail, which means dyslexic.

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