What can be done to help the student ?

There are many things that can be done to help the student with dyslexia. The biggest of all is to treat the student with intelligence and not treating them that they are thick or dump.

There is no direct route to help, but the best ways are the simplest to give support and listen to there understanding

A easy way to think and understand in a dyslexic way is to think of a spider diagram. The main topic is the issue. And the other topics heading off is the round issues. A dyslexic student does not think in a straight line but they think in a spider diagram formation.


Try and understand the dyslexic student. The best way is to talk. Ask about their experiences and their problems.

A dyslexic student best way to being a successful student is all about preparation before attempting a piece of work.

For example – making notes on how the essay or report will be set out.

What will be said in the introduction. Main points in the findings and the evaluating the end.

Preparation can also mean there time skills. Dyslexics a known for being forgetful. So the best thing in to make the student to make notes for what they need to do for homework.

Here are some support and general help:-

  • Place the student in a class that is above there general intelligence levels. Most dyslexic students do not do well in exams and that means that they are placed wrongly in classes.
  • Get the student to have a folder each topic. This will allow for the student to be organized and also the student will know where to find information.
  • Having a organizer or dairy. This will allow the student to know where to be, when to be there and what needs to be done and what will be needed when there.
  • Notes book – for each subject or large topic. This will allow the student to be able organized and allow the student to take notes for each subjects and topic. And this will allow the student to keep information in a set way.
  • The student using A4 pads for writing work. This will allow the student to arrange his or her work more clearly.
  • Ask for there experiences. Because a dyslexic student uses there imagination and memory when working. They write what they see in there minds.
  • Don’t do board work, because the student will not remember that well. If you do give the student notes before or a book with the information.
  • Let the student know what topics will be at each lessons. Lets them knowledge each topic and being prepared.
  • Give the student photocopies that are easy reading material. This will allow for easy reading for the student and to keep clean and healthy information for notes.

Support is vital for the student. The student needs to think that they are achieve success in their studies.

As a teacher it is important for you are discussing the work with the student every few days with it comes to essays and coursework. But don’t be too forceful when wanting to know how the student in getting on with their work.

You must as a teacher help the student set there work out and at the same time help with the student with there sentences.

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