What Causes Dyslexia

Dyslexia is caused from the genes in our body. Inheriting the genes from your mother and father causes dyslexia or other relieves.

In some cases your parents might not have Dyslexics but your grand parents might and the dyslexic genes might miss a generations and you the child may get it.

Research has shown that Dyslexia is a neurological condition, which is affected by the way the brain works.

The brain of a non Dyslexic person will have a area of the brain which is switched on. And the area is the left hand side and the front of the brain, which allows the non-Dyslexic to think in  the way they do.

But the brain of the Dyslexic has the area of the non-Dyslexic switch off and another area switched on and that area which is switched on is the top-right part of the brain.

But the non-Dyslexic person will have the dyslexic area of the dyslexic person switched off.

Scientists over the years have looked at the brain in depth, and looked at which parts of the brain causes the Dyslexia. The research has shown that the Dyslexia affects each part of brain. There is not just one area of the brain, which functions to bring the Dyslexia in action; it is the whole brain

The difference between the dyslexic mind and the non dyslexic mind.

The dyslexic mind uses both ways of thinking but uses the picture thinking to most when it come to generally think and to solve questions and problem and how to do things in life

Non – Dyslexic person brain –

The non-dyslexic mind is wired to do certain things and ways to understand things differently. This type of mind is good for understanding quick thinking when doing a task. But this type of mind has problem to look and search  for the non-routine and to ask why and then furthers whys.

Here is the main area of the brain, in which a average person using to think with.

Dyslexic person brain –

The dyslexic mind is wired much differently than a non-dyslexic mind. The dyslexic mind can understand questions and areas of thinking in more depth. This is shown with the people who have had dyslexic and been able to answer the question for the world. For example Albert Einstein.



But the reason why these dyslexic people have been able to answer these huge questions of  the world and understanding because they have learned to understand there way of thinking and understand themselves.

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