What Does a Dyslexic Person See When They Read

Each Dyslexic person sees in a different set of pictures when they think and read. This is because no Dyslexic is the same as a other dyslexic. It is like no person is the same. Each person has a different mind and different way of thinking. Some people have a strong imagination and some people have a small imagination.

The problem with being dyslexic is that problems occur with reading and writing. But the biggest problem of all is reading because the page is a blur and the words and letters move about. This is called Scoptic Sensitivity.

The different way of reading with Dyslexia: –

  • Seeing the words backward
  • Seeing the words connected into each
  • Seeing the words moving around the page
  • Seeing the words moving around in circles shapes
  • The page looks blurred, like when you look into someone else’s glasses. It is like a glare from the sun of your page

Even with these pictures above you can get a idea of the words and letters moving around the page. But for you to understand the blur. Place your hand in front of your face and now focus on the centre of your palm of your hand. Now try to focus in on the centre and focus on the outer-hand. If you see the blur around the outer-hand and you cannot focus fully on the centre and it looks like he centre is moving about. That is what a dyslexic person has to go through when they read.

You may think glass can help like when people need to focus normally when reading. But that way want help. Dyslexic people need to glasses with lenses with tinted lenses.

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