What is Dyslexia All About

Is Dyslexia a Disability?


We must stop thinking of it as a disability and think of it as one of the variation of human characteristics.

A person who has trouble reading and writing is called a Dyslexic and is believed by some to be less intelligent. So what should we call and think of people who cannot draw or paint ? Do we think they have a disability. No they just don’t have that talent. But with appropriate teaching they can learn to do much better in both skills.

It is the same for dyslexics, they too can improve on their skills with correct teaching. The biggest problem is not that the person with dyslexia cannot do but that he or she is looked down upon because reading and writing are such basic skill in our society, so that anyone who has a problem with these skills in considered unintelligent. Do you call Richard Branson. Who has problems with number and who is now the Richest man in Britain less intelligent. Do we call Einstein who had problems with writing less intelligent?

I will say that having difficulties with numeracy and literacy is not going to be easy. But many dyslexic have to come up with a different way of thinking to cope with it. If we must continue seeing dyslexia as a disability lets think of it as a way of thinking that has a number of small weaknesses.

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