What is Dyslexia?

Being a dyslexic is a strange time in the education because everyone is telling you what dyslexia is and how people like the teachers and helpers can help you from what other people have told them, but one thing was always missing and that was what is dyslexia.

So I wrote this section trying to explain what dyslexia is so you the readers can understand it a little more.

For the dyslexic this self is very important it will help you understand that you are not in the wrong but dyslexia is a way of thinking.  When reading this section please try and think how you think and in the future when reading this book try and reflect on the messages that im giving out.

For parents and teachers, its important to understand the problem before you solve the problem, for child they must have self acceptance in what they do it not problem is arise from it like bad behavior.

In this section is want to make people change the way they think of dyslexia from a disability to a positive outlook of “a way of thinking”.

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