What You Should Learn

What you should learn in each year from year 7 to G.C.S.E level:-

English –

  • A 1000 word report
  • Understanding text
  • Able to write sufficient note taking
  • Able to write with dictation

Maths –

  • Subtraction
  • Adding
  • Each type fraction
  • Shapes
  • Algebra
  • Data handling
  • Probability
  • Simultaneous linear equation
  • Using numbers – standard form

Science –

  • Understanding and knowledge of the body
  • Understanding of body functions
  • Understanding of the periodic table
  • Understanding of cell structure
  • Able to pass on facts by communicating in written or speaking sources
  • Able to understand factual information when listening

History –

  • Have knowledge of the time in the history
  • Able to understand the information and fact and sources given
  • Make sufficient responses to information when spoken
  • Able to research the needed sources and information material needed for a report

Geography –

  • Able to grasp facts and understand concepts
  • Has knowledge for understanding of the sources
  • Able to research the needed sources and information material needed for a report
  • Knowing Geography terms and facts

Drama –

  • Able to use your imagination
  • Able to bring ideas into a group environment
  • Confident and has ability to act in a scene and a in-front of a group

Modern Languages –

  • Able to read, write and listen to the language and being Able to understand
  • Can respond to the language by speaking

Design and Technology –

  • Able to make design concepts
  • Able to design a product on paper or computer
  • Able to be creative
  • Able to use equipment affectively and safely
  • Able to work in a organised manned
  • Able to problem solve and run a investigation
  • Able to evaluate the product fairly and make adjustments also
  • Able to use correct terms

Religious Education –

  • Understanding of other Religious and their faiths
  • Has knowledge and facts based intelligent of the subjects

Art and Design –

  • Being able to create in many means of using
  • artist equipment
  • Able to use equipment sufficiently
  • Able to solve a design problem
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