Why These Problems Can Happen

To understand a dyslexic student and why they have trouble with education, general life and trying to understand the world around them is the greatest question of all. But to understand the problems you have to go through what a dyslexic student has to go through when being in education.

To understand, its not guess, because guessing can cause further problems, ask the dyslexic student. Stop treating the student as thick. Be organic to the students, ask question, ask their view. Don’t just think you know the question.


What is better for a dyslexic student?

  • Working long periods of time
  • Working short periods of time

You may think long periods of time. But research shows and also dyslexic student would say little but often.

Teachers and parents must understand why there problems happen and how to stop them happening.

These problems could happen because:-

  • The student does not have self acceptance

This would start when the student is young, for example to child is allows get things wrong or told off by the mother and the child is just doing what comes natural seeing and doing. And the child continuing that he or she is doing ever thing wrong. And then going to school he or she is still getting thing wrong and the other children getting taught that he or she are right or close to being right.

  • They treat dyslexia as a disability

This is because the student is being told that they are wrong and that it is not a way of thinking. Think about adverts and how advert tell us that search and search a product is great, we begin to believe it. So imagine that you are getting told that you are a disability. You will begin the believe it is a disability.

  • Bullying happens

This happen because the other children/students in the lesson she the student making continuous mistake and the dyslexic student improve but from will power and then one of the student makes a joke and the student can’t take it and then the student causes problems.

  • Teaching the student he or she is wrong all the time

This is because the student is confused on the process linking topic to the subject.

The problem develops if the student is not working with there way of thinking. The student is not using their picture thinking and focusing on each independent area. The student need to focus on the whole picture at the beginning and then focus on separate areas that link to the whole picture. 

  • The student not understanding why they are thinking of what is wrong

This happens because the student does not learn that dyslexia is a way of thinking. The student gets told that they are person with a disability and the student needs to understand that it is not a disability but a way of thinking. Because the student is told that they are a disability they will believe it. If you were told by a teacher or someone you trust, you will believe it.

  • No support from their friends, parents or teachers

This is for a number of reason, the biggest reason is because people don’t really understand the term of dyslexia. If people are said to hear of the term, they straight away believe that it a disability, so they automaticly believe the student/person is slow and not intelligent.

And also teacher don’t really want to recognize it because they have to pass it on to special needs department and then it get passed on for a assessment on need. And it all comes down to time and money, and in the British education system that is the biggest problem that lets the dyslexic students down.

When the student does get the support, it’s the cheapest or wrong support that is needed because teachers are not getting the right information on dyslexia and the right amount of money needed.

  • Confusion because the student believes that he or she is different to others

This comes down from being told that they are disability. So they become to believe that they are different, so they begin to treat the world that they are not the normal person but different in mind and body.

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